How to create and test an User Defined Function (SQL Server)

by Jagadish Pulakhandam on 9/23/2011 8:37:29 AM
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Brief: Demonstrates on creating and testing a "Scalar-Valued" User Defined Function (UDF) using SQL Server Database
Posted to: Microsoft SQL Server - Quick Learn ("How to"s for Developers)
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Attached video demonstrates the following:
  • Create a "Scalar Valued" User Defined Function (UDF) from the scratch using SSMS
  • Test (execute) it as part of SQL SELECT query
NOTE: "Table Valued" User Defined Function is similar to "Scalar Valued" UDF except that the "Table Valued" returns a table of data (and can be used in FROM clause of SELECT or even in JOIN).

Following is a simple "Scalar Valued" UDF demonstrated:

01.CREATE FUNCTION [dbo].[fGetDname]
03.    @Deptno int
08.    DECLARE @Dname VARCHAR(20)
10.    SELECT @Dname = Dname FROM Dept WHERE Deptno = @Deptno
12.    RETURN @Dname

To test the above, following statement is issued:

1.SELECT TOP 1000 [Empno]
2.      ,[Ename]
3.      ,[Sal]
4.      ,[Deptno]
5.      ,[dbo].[fGetDname](Deptno)
6.  FROM [dbo].[Emp]

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