Our Privacy Policy

The protection of your data is very important to us. We only gather, process, and use personal data without explicit consent insofar as it is useful and necessary for our internet website "DotNetCodeCentral.com".

When visiting our "DotNetCodeCentral.com" internet portal, the typical data available from your browser and needed for our operation are recorded. Among these are: web request, user IP address, browser type, browser language, date and time of your visit. After use, the data is anonymously stored to improve the quality of our services. When you visit our website for the first time, we send a cookie to your computer. A cookie is a small file that includes a certain sequence of characters, which helps us identify your browser. Cookies do not provide us with any additional information. We use them exclusively to improve the quality of our website and offers. By establishing the references of our users, we can tailor our services to your wishes. You can always configure your browser to turn down all cookies. We must, however, point out that some functions and services may not work properly as a result of rejecting all cookies.

On our "DotNetCodeCentral.com" online portal, we allow third-party advertisements to be shown in order to keep you well-informed. The above-mentioned third-party advertisers may use information from your website visit in order to adjust their offer to your tastes.

When contacting us via e-mail, the information you indicated will only be saved to process and handle your inquiry. If you participate in our website, posts, comment, blog or forum, only information related to your participation shall be gathered, processed, and used.

If you take up our offer of downloading paid content, your personal data shall be gathered, processed, and used without formal consent only for contract conditions and billing. The gathering, processing, and use of data occurs electronically.

We are allowed to provide other service providers and third-parties with your billing information, only insofar as it is required for the monetary transaction. Otherwise we do not pass on data to third-parties without your consent.

We do not store/maintain your payment information (like credit card, bank account details etc.). It will be maintained by our payment gateway.

Upon request, we can provide you with all saved data related to you immediately and free of charge. Such information can be provided to you electronically.