FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Welcome to DotNetCodeCentral! We'he put together the most frequently asked questions and answers here for your convenience.

What is DotNetCodeCentral.com?

DotNetCodeCentral.com is a Web 2.0 network and .NET developer website – all in one. .NET experts, enthusiasts, developers, and users all get together here at DotNetCodeCentral.com.

DotNetCodeCentral.com is a quickly expanding .NET website! Several thousands of people read this site and help us bring it to life.

Become a part of it! We look forward to every new member that helps us make this site bigger and better.

So who's behind DotNetCodeCentral

A group of experienced IT and internet entrepreneurs.

What's the purpose of DotNetCodeCentral?

In a nutshell: Fans helping other fans! Here youʼll find all the tips, tricks, and knacks you need. On top of that, we talk/review/write about the latest applications, tools and software related to any of Microsoft Technologies. Everyday, we accept/publish various publications from authors and put together for you after a thorough internal review process. It goes without saying that all of this is absolutely free.

Should I become a DotNetCodeCentral member?

Itʼs all up to you! First of all, the registration is FREE and only takes few seconds. As a visitor/guest, you have access to all of our articles FREE of charge. Only as a registered member, however, can you enjoy everything (except videos/screen recordings/ebooks published) this site has to offer, including downloading source code, writing comments and rating posts. And of course weʼre always very pleased to see our community grow. You can register for FREE here.

DotNetCodeCentral subscriber vs. DotNetCodeCentral member

NO MORE SUBSCRIPTIONS. JUST REGISTER FOR FREE AND ENJOY ALL THE BENEFITS AS A SUBSCRIBER. Only as a subsriber ($0.99 a month), however, can you enjoy everything as a DotNetCodeCentral member PLUS downloading videos/screen recordings/ebooks published etc.,. And of course, you will help us bear our maintenance costs as well. You can subscribe here.

You will be able to download all of our ebooks for FREE if you are a continuous subscriber for the past six months. If you can buy at least one smart phone app (worth $0.99) a month, it is not more than that to subscribe to this website.

Just an FYI. It is our policy that we do not maintain your payment details (credit card, bank account etc.) as part of our system. Payments are handled through PayPal. To set up recurring payments with PayPal you'll need to have a credit card linked to your account - this is a PayPal requirement. Once your credit card is linked, you can pay via any method - PayPal balance, bank account or credit card.

Subscription members are welcome to cancel their subscription at any time and this can be done through PayPal.

Benefits of becoming a DotNetCodeCentral author/contributor

We are looking for authors with IT background (specially developers/admins/web designers) even with no experience. Author registration is FREE. If you are not a DotNetCodeCentral member, register with us and you will be asked if you are interested in authoring (just say YES!). We don't push authors to write for us (no special fee/rules/commitments). If you are already a free/registered/subscriber member, you can opt for authoring from your My Profile page. It is up to you to contribute, whenever you feel free.

By registering as an author, you will have direct access to portal admin with PM (private messaging) feature. Author submissions are completely online and automated (no hassle of email conversation). More about submissions here.

We promote an author to "dedicated author", if he contributes at least 10 article entries (must be accepted or published) in the last month. He will be demoted if he does not continue for the following month. As a "dedicated author", you are automatically entitled as DotNetCodeCentral subscriber (for that month), completely FREE of charge. If you are a continuous "didicated author" for the past six months, you will be able to download all of our ebooks for FREE (with absolutely no subscription/payments at all).

An author/contributor, if interested, can take advantage of our website, author his own ebook and publish through our web site (and obviously earn money out of it). We will start with your interests/skills (again, no experience required). Drop a line and we will work with you to get the things materialized.

You are logically called as "frequent contributer" if you contribute at least 25 entries in the past four months (whether or not you are a "didicated author"). A "frequent contributer" is eligible for two FREE ebooks from our website. You have to request for them and after evaluating your 25 entries (mainly for quality and depth), we will directly mail you the links.

Every month, we send gifts/gift cards to authors who write frequent/quality articles which are highly rated and bring lot of traffic for our website.

As an author you are entitled to have free ad campaign (from your profile/post pages) to drive traffic to your blog/website (subject to approval).

If you can contribute consistantly and expecting something more from us, send your proposal (along with your skillset) to webmasterREMOVETHIS@dotnetcodecentralDELETETHIS.com. We will be more than happy to work with you.

Last, but not least, we are adding more features (secret for now) for authors to make money for themselves.

How do I submit an article entry at DotNetCodeCentral?

Entries (any article/tip/code snippet related to IT) can only be submitted by registered DotNetCodeCentral authors (which is FREE). If you are not a DotNetCodeCentral member, register with us and you will be asked if you are interested in authoring (just say YES!). If you are already a free/registered member/subscriber, you can opt for authoring from your My Profile page.

Submission process is completely online, automated and is part of business workflow (no hassle of email conversation). You will be notified at every step. We have a simple PM (private messaging) system to co-ordinate approvers/contributors more effectively and to make things a lot simpler for easy tracking. You will receive more details once you register as an author.

What do we do with your user information?

Your user information is safe with us! We do not obviously reveal any of your information to third-parties.

How do I contact DotNetCodeCentral?

You can always reach us at webmasterREMOVETHIS@dotnetcodecentralDELETETHIS.com.